CSAA conducting social media survey

Just got my latest edition of CSAA's Signals and see that they're conducting a survey on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn in the security industry (I'm going to take it as soon as I blog about it, tweet about it, and post it to my Facebook page). There are a lot of tools out there for spreading the word, reaching out to existing and potential customers, and sharing thoughts and best practices with your peers. Drop Celia a line and ask about filling out that survey and pitching in. Of course, those of you who read this post earlier, know that I originally had link posted here to the survey. That link was actually tailored to me, and there were some problems reported by people trying to follow it and participate. The actual link is here.


[...] think it’s important for the security industry to take part in initiatives like this and like the recent study conducted by CSAA, in order to assure that the industry shares best practices and grows through education and [...]