CSAA Five Diamond news & operator training in Spanish

Just read through my issue of CSAA's newsletter Signals. Renewal time is here. If you're interested in renewing your Five Diamond status, you can contact Grace Fanzo at 703-242-4670, fax your renewal forms and UL/FM certifications to 703-242-4675 or send Grace an email. I got some press this morning that The Protection Bureau of Exton, Pa. has already renewed their Five Diamond status. I also noticed (with some pride, I might add) that I'm listed in the Central Station Operator Training Level I Graduates roster in the most recent issue of the CSAA's Dispatch. I still, of course, have not taken the test for the Advanced Level. I have just procrastinated too long and will need to go back and review all the modules before advancing and becoming an Advanced Central Station Operator Training Graduate. But that's okay. Thankfully, the training set up by the CSAA and the CMOOR Group allows the student to move at their own pace, and review any portion or all of the training before attempting the final test. Maybe next month. CSAA also announced that it has begun offering, through a partnership with ALAS (Asociation Latinoamericana de Seguridad), a Spanish language version of the training to better serve the world of security monitoring. According to Víctor Alarcón, director of operations at ALAS, the Spanish version is an important step forward. "We joined in a venture with the CSAA to translate and bring to Latin America the course they have been successfully teaching in Central Stations around the United States, for several years already," Alarcón said. "Because the Latin American security industry and central stations, in particular, are in great need of education. They want to become more professional and deliver a better service to customers. ALAS committed to this purpose and then we made the course available for Latin America." CSAA said a French version is in the works.