CSAA social media webinar: What are the attendees saying? (Hey, pie charts! Pretty!)

So I attended the CSAA's second free webinar. This one was on the social media tools LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and wikis. I found it informative and have herein rounded up some commentary, lovely pie charts I made myself, and some other observations. The full write up of the webinar can be found here at SSN. The first, possibly most interesting thing I noted was that the webinar was completely moderated by, administered by and paneled by security industry women. Rock on women of security! There were four Quick Polls that section headed each panelist's presentation. I found the stats interesting. Here's the chart for LinkedIn usage: csaalinkedpie1 Pretty much what you'd expect with most people using LinkedIn for professional reasons... No one ever seems to let all their LinkedIn connections know that it's Monday and they just bought a second cup of coffee. Facebook results looked like this: csaafacebookpie That's also pretty much what you'd expect: mostly personal usage. Here's where it's okay to tell all your friends how much you love coffee or the Muppets Wiki (and I DO love the Muppet Wiki). When asked if they used Twitter, the voters voted thusly: csaatwitterpie Frankly, I was surprised at the number of people not using twitter. I think Twitter moderator Jennifer Bruce's point about Twitter being an engine to drive traffic back to your company's site was spot on and hopefully one more security industry professionals will take to heart. The wiki Quick Poll asked a slightly different question of voters and allowed for more than one response. Here's the results: csaawikipie1 I guess it's not surprising that most of the voters had used Wikipedia. Heck I think I go there every day. I also got some feedback from one attendee. Safe Systems Inc. central station manager Ian Nelson said that although he had been familiar with the tools, he hadn't considered using them in the ways highlighted during the education event. "It was interesting all around, and although the concepts were not new the webinar prompted me to re-examine how I used what I considered professional resources, and made me change my mind on what I used to consider personal resources," Nelson said. "I did use all of the tools prior to the presentations, but now I am updating more often, and considering professional applications for Facebook, YouTube, and expanding what we do on Twitter. The idea of having demo video links on YouTube had never occurred to me, I considered it a source of entertainment only." We've been linking YouTube videos for a while in ssnTVnews and find it a valuable resource as well. Nelson continued:
I found myself expanding my use of current tools; I went into LinkedIn the next day, posted some recommendations, expanded my profile, and invited quite a few people to connect. A resource I used just because I thought I should have a presence became something that I value more--I see more possibilities for interaction and productivity due to the webinar. Overall, I have contributed more to our social media presence, and this prompted me to push for a corporate LinkedIn presence, so I have to applaud everyone's efforts and appreciate them greatly.
The overheads and pre-webinar video will all be available at CSAA's site soon.


Very informative! These tools are fast becoming the go to place for the latest industry information.