Day 2 NFPA, and just say no to round eyeglasses

The second day at NFPA was considerably more crowded, which was welcomed by the exhibitors I spoke with. I got a chance to catch up with Jeff Moore at Fike, the fire company that just acquired Video Smoke Detection company axonX. Look for more activity from Fike in the next few months, Moore said. I said a quick hello to SimplexGrinnell president Jim Spicer, who promised he'd tell me more about their video smoke detection solution, which SG was showing in its booth. Stopped by UL, FM and ETL, but my contacts there were all walking the showfloor themselves or maybe in committee meetings. Speaking of committee meetings, I ran into Shane Clary of Bay Alarm, who is normally in committee meetings. Shane is my go-to code guy--he's like a human encyclopedia of fire code knowledge and history. He told me that the new code to watch is NFPA 3, which has to do with the commissioning of security and fire systems. Commissioning is, as Honeywell's Isaac Papier said, "what you need to do before you turn the switch on." If Shane says it's the code to watch, it's the code to watch. I'll be eager to hear the post-convention opinions of attendees. Even though the travel day home on Tuesday was a 12-hour nightmare, it was nice to go to a show in Chicago. I had a chance to walk around the city a bit on Sunday and Monday night. It's a great town. I did notice one disconcerting thing as I was walked around downtown Chicago. It's something I think you'll find disconcerting as well. I saw a few otherwise stylish people wearing round eyeglasses. I didn't think about it much until I read in the New York Times today that round specs are the trendiest new fashion. Here's the story Round eyeglasses, yuck. Fortunately, I didn't see a soul in round glasses at the (definitely fashion-forward) NFPA show, so I guess I can safely stick with my square shades.