DeFina retires from Panasonic

It's an old trick to release big news at the end of the day on a Friday. Well, Panasonic is old school: They've just announced that Frank DeFina has retired as president of Panasonic System Solutions Co. A J.M. Allain will take over for DeFina. He was most recently head of Duos Technologies, a company I don't know well. I also didn't know DeFina well, but I did have a really cool conversation with him at the most recent ISC West. I was waiting around for Julianna Benedick, Panasonic's head of marketing, and Frank just walked up beside me and we started talking about how really cool the giant-screen TV was that people could win from their booth. Then we talked about the Super Bowl (he's a Giants fan). He was a normal guy in a way that many high-level execs aren't. I hope he enjoys retirement. I'll try to drum up an interview with Allain. Probably won't come soon. Edit: Okay, so now I know more about who J.M. Allain is. For example, his LinkedIn page is here. Turns out he was a VP with Adesta for a year, preceding Rob Hile, from what I can tell, then GM with NetVersant for a year before coming on as VP of operations for Duos just about a year ago. That makes him a bit of a job-jumper, no? Though I suspect president of Panasonic is a gig he'd be slightly more likely to keep. Still, I love seeing quotes like this: “J.M. Allain’s expertise in seamless and timely deployment of comprehensive security systems and existing system upgrades will be an invaluable resource for our company and our clients,” said Gianni B. Arcaini, Chairman and CEO of duostech. “I expect J.M. to play a significant role in our company’s growth.” How'd that work out for you, Gianni? I hope you grew in a hurry.