DFW awards $5m camera deal

Well, the guys at SecureNet must have had a nice weekend. DFW Airport announced Friday they're awarding SecureNet a $4.98 million job to upgrade the facility's camera systems over the next three to five years. The article is a little confusing, but it seems like that number should grow, too: The appropriation doesn't include the closed-circuit cameras, which still have to be purchased. And the first paragraph has this part: ... a $4.98 million contract to increase the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport's capacity to gradually add 1,975 security cameras. So, they're adding 1,975 cameras to the 1,590 they already have? That kind of seems impossible, but maybe it's true. If so, there's plenty more margin to be had for SecureNet, unless DFW has some direct-to-manufacturer deal, and SecureNet's just doing the install, but that seems hard to believe. Great get for a regional integrator like SecureNet. They're Microsoft certified and seem in general to be a really progressive outfit.