Dispatcher 'just doing job' saves property, dog--cake not so lucky

I actually came across this story a few weeks ago and it promptly got lost in the shuffle of other releases and leads upon which I regularly follow up. Apparently ADT dispatcher in training David Brown acted quickly, contacted all the appropriate contacts in the protocol hierarchy and managed to save a family's home, and their dog, Lucy. The dog accidentally turned on a gas burner trying to get at some sweet, sweet cake sitting, nestled between the burners on the stove top. Jeez, I think I've done that kind of thing myself of a late evening, trying--half asleep--to cook a snack. It's one of those stories that, while it may not be hard news, I really like to see. It's nice to see a dispatcher doing his or her job, doing it well and being recognized by an appreciative public. Brown confirmed that while most calls are false, a dispatcher or first responder must always assume it's the real deal and act quickly. Good thing he did. I especially like the homeowner's final quote in the story: "'It is the right thing to do to thank somebody for doing exactly what they are supposed to do and helping save our family, our house and our dog,' Chris Wardlow said." I agree. Just because the dispatcher was only doing his job, that's no reason not to say nice work, and keep it up for all our sakes.