Do you think this is a legit request?

Today I received a letter. That's sort of news in itself, since no one sends mail anymore (except for a few PR people who've either not been introduced to the Internet or who think hard copies make their emails more noticeable - they don't). But, also, it was hand-written on notebook paper and contained the following message: "I am interested in the 'Security Systems News' trade journal that you offer. Please send me any info I need to obtain your journal. Thank you! for your time. Sincerly, Stephen Faye 1 Administration Rd., Bridgewater, Mass. 02324" Hmm, I thought to myself - an enterprising high school student looking toward a career in the security biz? I guess you don't really have to know how to spell "sincerly" to install systems, right? Then I looked at the back of the envelope: "This correspondence is forwarded from a Massachusetts Correctional Institution. The contents may not have been evaluated and the Department of Corrections is not responsible for the substance or content of the enclosed material." So, do you think they're a good fit for our subscription base? Also, here's what Google pulls up for 1 Administration Rd.:

View Larger Map Looks like they've got a nice ballfield. I wonder if Stephen can turn the double-play...


Seems totally legit to me. I mean, not only did the guy thank you, but he added an exclamation point, making him, like, extra thankful.

On a more serious note, I hope you changed the guy's name. Otherwise, you're looking at a shanking when he gets out.

I am unclear if you verified whether this person is an inmate or merely a security professional seeking to expand his knowledge. Also, if you are going to criticize typos, you should make sure your own writing is typo-free. I mean that sincerely.

Well, Lollipop, I kinda doubt that a security guard at the prison would use the prison for his return address, or have to use the back-of-the-envelope stamp to alert me that the MDOC doesn't approve of the content. But maybe I'm wrong on that front.

I am unclear if you are pulling my leg or if you really think that could have come from a security professional (not that it's impossible that a security professional might wind up in jail, I guess).

Also, I don't technically think you can make a typo in a hand-written note, but maybe you were writing metaphorically? And I've fixed my typo. Thanks for the head's up.