Does anyone have a use for Gen Y?

Just got a blast from LinkedIn through the CSAA group. Wanda Valenteen, central station manager at The Protection Bureau, is looking for some best practices on training of Gen Y employees. Here's her posting:
Y-Gen Training: We studied them and know that they are unique in their behavior and work ethic. We discussed the studies and behavior and then began to hire them. We've all developed our own unique ways of training and retaining them. Does anyone want to share their training efforts, successes and failures relating to the Y-Gen employees?
Drop on by and give her some feedback. ESA, or the evolved NBFAA, sponsored the creation of a group earlier in 2009 called the Young Security Professionals group which is intended as a resource to get those younger security pros involved in the stewardship of their industry. If you really want some input from younger security professionals who are going above and beyond, check out SSN's most recent 20 Under 40 feature. The young cream of the crop are highlighted therein.