The door-knocker who didn’t return


I got home from work last night and my 14-year-old son told me “ADT stopped by; they’re giving away a few free systems in the neighborhood.”

The salesman had gone, but told my son he’d stop by again later.

My son knows a little bit about ADT. At least he knows that ADT is a security company. And I’ve gone to enough ADT events to have some ADT swag around the house. There’s definitely one pretty nice ADT duffel bag. And, I’m pretty sure that’s what he used to keep his track stuff in last spring.

And, he also knows that I work for Security Systems News, and I’m sure he gave the sales rep lots of information about that.

So my son handed me this flyer when I got home.

Flyer ADT left behind at my door

Flyer ADT left behind at my door

It lists all the the equipment (including three emergency buttons, the value of which is “priceless”).

The installation is $99 and monitoring is $40.99 per month with automatic withdrawal from my checking account. There’s a three-year term. I can get two-way voice and cell back-up, but additional charges apply for those.

During the month of August I can get one free key remote ($125 value.) I expect that offer will expire at midnight on August 31, 2010.

I’m also urged to “ACT NOW” because the free systems are limited to the first four homeowners in the ‘hood. My residential certificate is #1805.

What do you think the chances are that this ADT dealer is going to STOP selling $99 systems after they sell four in my neighborhood? Now we all know better than that, don’t we?

One thing I did like about the leave-behind material, is the sales rep gives you a number. You check the company Web site–in this case, Nightwatch Protection—and you can see that the rep is licensed to work for this company.

Simple thing, seems like a good idea.

So, I was wondering when this ADT door-knocker was going to come by again. Having done a little door-knocking myself a few weeks ago, I thought we could shoot the breeze about doors.

6 p.m., 7 p.m, 8 p.m. — my door-knocker doesn’t return.

What deterred my door-knocker? Maybe he could tell we weren’t a good prospect? Maybe he’s not a fan of Security Systems News? Or, could it be that he gave away four free systems in the neighborhood and wouldn’t give any more away?