DSC the Great

So now I know what Product X is. DSC held their press conference just now and unveiled a new two-way wireless panel they're calling Alexor - Alexander the Great plus Protector=Alexor. It's not a bad little story, actually. They got these crazy gladiators to battle in a film with a deep-voiced narrator and everything. Plus, to go along with the chariot theme (that's how Alexander the Great rolled), they got Orange County Choppers to build an Alexor bike that's pretty sweet looking. To finish the loop, they'll do the same speed-of-install contest as last year, but this year the overall show winner gets to actually install an Alexor panel at the Orange County Chopper offices (or garage, or whatever). Pretty neat.


Nice, first post I've seen on the Alexor system.

Information should be up on our website within 24 hours (barring any issues getting it live). I look forward to answering your questions on this new system, here in Tech Support at DSC.