"Dude, all this security's got me beat... I need a back rub and a Yoo-Hoo!"


Come on, you know you're gonna find yourself uttering that phrase to yourself at least a couple times in Vegas next month. I know I will... But then I'm saying that pretty much every day by 2 o'clock like a mantra anyway. So maybe it's just me.

Regardless, I was happy to get a press release from San Antonio-based United Central Control today. Looks like they're going to have licensed massage therapists on-... uh... hand (no pun intended) at ISC West in their hospitality booth to provide free back and attitude adjustments to ease your marching up and down the nearly sold-out aisles of the Sands Convention Center! That's awesome! I'm definitely going to stop by and take a load off...

I'm hopeful about the Yoo-Hoo, as well...

I've written about UCC before. Specifically, I've covered Tracey Ritchie when she was in our annual 20 Under 40 list and again when she was promotoed to UCC's new GM at ESX last summer.

Here's the release from UCC:

UCC Offers Free Hospitality Suite at ISC West

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (February 14, 2011) – ISC West attendees can take a break, relax, and maybe even win an iPod Touch at United Central Control’s (UCC) “Relaxation Booth”.  The room will be open from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Wednesday, April 6 and Thursday, April 7, in the Galileo Ballroom 902, between the Sands Convention Center and Venetian Hotel. 

“If folks just want to get off their feet and wind down for a few minutes, or learn more about UCC and out team members, they’re welcome to stop by.  No RSVP is required to come by the suite.  In addition to refreshments, we’ll have certified massage therapists on site to work out the travel kinks,” said UCC Senior Vice President Mark Matlock.  “We’ll also have a drawing for an iPod Touch.”

Similarly, Wednesday evening, April 6, Team UCC is inviting ISC West attendees to join them at its Eighth Annual ISCParty.  It is scheduled for the DEF room at the Treasure Island Hotel on the second floor convention level, from 7:30-10:30 p.m.

“We’ll have a magician and a pianist for entertainment as well as a “surprise celebrity impersonator”.  Again, anyone is welcome, but we do want folks to RSVP for the party beforehand,” Matlock said.

RSVP to either Kathryn Schultz at kschultz@teamucc.com, (866) 907-4712 or at the UCC Web site www.teamucc.com. “We are also looking into hiring a Frank Sinatra impersonator but we haven’t nailed that detail down just yet,” Matlock added.

Sounds like a pretty good deal! See you in the massage/Yoo-Hoo tent! Stop by and see us. We'll grab a Yoo-Hoo.