ESA conducts survey on alarming trend


I just wrote about a battle ongoing in Illinois over public entities taking control of fire alarm monitoring away from the industry. Even though a federal judge recently ruled in favor of ADT and some other alarm companies that state law doesn’t give fire protection district the authority to be in the fire alarm monitoring business, municipalities in Illinois are interpreting part of the ruling to assert they still have the right to mandate all alarms be monitored by them.

But the problem isn’t just in Illinois, according to the Electronic Security Association. A recent post by the ESA Integrator, the ESA’s news site, says that cities and towns across the country are looking to raise revenues by getting into the alarm monitoring business. The ESA is conducting a survey to learn the extent of the problem.

Here’s more from the ESA:

“A hot issue in the industry right now is municipalities across the country, seeking ways to increase revenue, looking at entering the alarm business by either offering monitoring services to residential or commercial alarm users or mandating that all alarms be monitored by the municipality. ESA has created a survey that every member should take to help us determine the breadth of the problem nationwide.

To take the survey, visit