ESX enlisting recruits for NextGen Monitoring Boot Camp

The Electronic Security Expo is holding a brand new, cutting edge, intensive, half-day educational offering this year on June 22 from 1-5 P.M. The session is called "The ESX Next Generation Monitoring Boot Camp," and is sponsored by SureView Systems. The boot camp will provide a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and requirements for launching next generation monitoring and remote management services. There's a whole world of RMR out there in cutting edge security tech and managed services, and this boot camp promises to whip you into shape. Speakers at the day's event include Jerry Cordasco who is the vice president of G4S' first U.S. monitoring and data center based in Burlington, Mass., First Alarm, Aptos, Calif. vice president & GM Dave Hood, and Kenny Savoie, director of operations for Lafayett, La.-based Acadian On Watch. I spoke with Jerry briefly, and have left messages for ESX Chair George DeMarco and sponsor SureView's Matt Krebs, and will follow up with any updates as they become available. The boot camp promises to be fun and informative and give security industry professionals an edge in the ever-evolving marketplace. To get more info or to register for the boot camp go here.