Evidence of the new economy

If you think you're living in the same world you were living in five years ago, you're the mayor of Wrongtown. Check this out: A software company is bringing in $2,000 a day for an iPhone app that literally, and by their own admission, does nothing. People download this app for free, see their own reflection in their own screen (something that happens when their phone is actually off, for that matter) and then, for what reason no one knows, click on the ads that appear accompanying the "mirror." So, $2,000 a day flows into the company's coffers, for the time being. The fad might last a week, might last a day, might last a month. Regardless, the company is bringing in revenue by selling nothing (or, rather, by giving nothing away). Who says there's no opportunity in this economy?


I'd like to think that I am the Deputy Commisioner of Public Works of Wrongtown. I keep trying to figure out how to collect the garbage but somehow the citizens keep stealing it back.

Don't get me started on the Board of Education of Wrongtown, either. I'm pretty sure they're the reason no one in this town understand how pronouns work.