Facial recognition in action

They say seeing is believing: I'm not sure why manufacturers don't send me stuff like this. I just came across it on YouTube. This is much more interesting than a press release, though.


Hi Sam, The people are stopping for 3 seconds and looking at the camera. It's not surprising that it should work fairly reliably.

The bigger questions are:

1) How often does this deny people who are valid users? This can cause frustration and complaints.
2) How well does this work when people are not stopping and staring at the camera? The 'passive' facial recognition that some vendors market.



Sure, it's only a couple minutes long and maybe it's not as reliable as it appears, but I was more commenting on the fact that exists at all. It's a practical facial recognition application in action - I've never actually seen that before. And no one promoting that technology has ever sent me such a video - though they have sent me dozens of press releases telling me about such applications.

Why, in an industry obsessed with video, does no one actually seem to use the power of video to their advantage?

who is the manufacturer of this product?

It's what used to be known as A4Vision, and I think that's still the product name, which was bought by Bioscrypt, which was then bought by L1 ID. So I guess L1 is the answer, but A4Vision is still the name of the product, I think.