Facial Recognition - Does it work?

There's an interesting discussion going on over at Bruce Schnier's blog about make-up designed to fool facial recognition systems. As a poster more accurately notes, what they're trying to fool are facial detection systems - systems that can tell whether there's a face in the field of view or not. Not try to tell you whose face it is. Big difference. The former technology, as I discovered in my research for our newest Premium report on facial recognition technology and its use in security applications, is actually fairly useful in security applications, mostly for search capabilities. If you're looking for a person it's handy to be able to detect the faces in all the video you've got, and then collate them into similar faces so you can follow someone throughout a facility, say. However, if you've got a person's face on file, and they have any inclination you're trying to discover them via facial recognition technology, it's not going to require a specially designed make-up job to ruin your plans. Basically, they just need to wear a hat. Or sunglasses. Or grow some facial hair maybe. It's not too tough. In the Premium report, I answer these questions: How big is the market size (probably bigger than you think) for facial technology in general? Where is it being used successfully? What applications are ideal for facial recognition? What are the academic and government studies saying about facial recognition and where do I find them? Where does facial recognition technology almost definitely not work? Get the new report here.


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