Fake iris scans?

A loyal reader of the blog in Taiwan alerted me to this article from Arabian Business: Dubai arrests three for fake iris-scan smuggling I know: Fake iris-scan smuggling? What's that? For some reason, I was under the impression that iris readers were pretty fool-proof unless you were doing that whole Minority Report thing, where you rip out people's whole eyeballs. But get a load of this: The Naturalisation and Residency Department in Dubai (DNRD) has referred three people - two Russians and a Moldovan - to Dubai International Airport police, on suspicion of smuggling forged eye biometrics recognition stamps" with intent to facilitate the entry to the UAE of previously-banned individuals, it said. I still kind of don't know what that means. "Eye biometrics recognition stamps"? What are those? And how can they be put in a bag, which is how the Russians were carrying them? And then there's this: A third suspect, a 21-year-old Moldovan woman, was arrested at the airport with a laptop and five ink pads and later she admitted that she had intended to deliver them to the first suspect, it added. The report said that number of individuals arrested through the Iris Scan System at the airport amounted to 1,325 in 2006, 3,626 in 2007 and 4,382 in the first half of 2008, according to Major-General Mohammed Ahmed Al-Marri, DNRD director. So, ink pads are involved in the iris stamping? How does that work? And they've arrested 4,382 people at the Dubai airport just via iris scanning? How do they have everyone's iris already on file to know that they're bad guys when they come back through? And how are the bad guys so dumb that they don't see this whole iris scanning coming. I'm very confused. Please, someone, enlighten me on how this all works.