The false alarm fine in this case should be a pound of flesh

I was reading through my Google Alerts this morning and came across this somewhat humorous story out of the Outback. Not the steakhouse, but the Land Down Under. Usually I'm all for doing whatever it takes to curtail false alarms since they cost time and money, and strain resources and industry/emergency responder relations. I've certainly touched on the problem before. However, this story is just too funny and seems to be causing no outcry. Seems the false alarm culprit, the bogus bell-ringer to blame was really... well... a Bendigo-bound pig. It's nice to see the emergency responders involved took the whole thing with a light heart. Though in this case, a false alarm fine exacted in the form of a pound of flesh (some bacon or pork chops, perhaps), might prove mighty tasty.


I was going to say that Australia is full of farting pigs and that's why nobody got upset.... but on a more serious note, there are 'no worries' about false alarms down under as the police do not respond to alarms in most states. Their electronic security industry is as laid back as it gets.... amongst other things.