False alarms/reports are not funny


So I'm getting ready for an interview I have today with Keyscan director of marketing Steve Dentinger when I notice an intriguing tweet from Monitronics. It linked to a sad (not sad as in, "oh, that's so sad, I think I'll cry," but sad as in "Wow... That guys a complete idiot... I'm amazed his head hasn't frozen from lack of neural activity.") story about this guy John Paul Rorech who purposefully perpetrated a false alarm in order to  escape being issued a speeding ticket.

I've written plenty about false alarms and how they're no joke. I've covered how they've lead end users to disillusionment and even inspired some to wax poetical about the false alarm.

I'm just glad they caught the guy... Calling in a fake shooting and wasting officer time and tax payers' money to avoid a speeding fine? Not cool, man, not cool.