Flir is getting hot (or should I say, "thermal"?)

My European counterpart alerted me to the fact that Flir has agreed to pay more than $40 million for Cedip Infrared Systems, a provider of infrared cameras and stabilized gimbaled systems, based in suburban Paris. First of all, how can you not get psyched about using the word "gimbaled," but, second, I think it's clear now that Flir is taking names in the infrared/thermal market. Check out the awards they've announced here. That's more than $60 million in business in the last two months. Not too shabby. Speaking of thermal cameras, have you heard about these SARS/Avian Flu detecting cameras. Basically, they provide alarms for people with high body temperatures, or, as the site says, "fever-like symptoms." What, exactly, would be "fever-like"? Don't you either have a fever or you don't? Supposedly, this would make sense to install in an airport at customs. But wouldn't it pick up anybody with a fever? Just because I have the flu doesn't mean I should be retained as a potential SARS case.