Follow the Saflink technology

Just saw that Imprivata purchased IdentiPHI last week. They're traveling further down the road of converged identity by picking up more biometric capabilities, and the deal makes sense to me, but it's mostly of interest since Saflink was one of the first companies I took an interest in when I got into the security market, and now they're even one more step removed from reality. Saflink first split itself in half and spun off the Flo corporation, which deals in that registered traveler business. Then, Saflink "purchased" or "merged" with IdentiPHI in one of my favorite deals:
Saflink will acquire all of the outstanding shares of IdentiPHI in a stock-for-stock transaction where all of the outstanding shares of IdentiPHI will be exchanged for an aggregate total of 614,981,516 shares of Saflink common stock. After completion of the deal, former security holders of IdentiPHI would hold roughly 75 percent of the new company, which will be known as IdentiPHI, going forward, with headquarters in Austin, Texas. With Saflink stock trading at roughly 7.5 cents on Sept. 5, the deal is worth a theoretical $48 million. According to May 15 filings with the SEC, Saflink lost $3.5 million over the previous three months, with revenue of roughly $500,000.
614,981,516 shares. That's a lot of shares. And you've got to think three or four people held maybe 100,000,000 shares each. Imagine if you actually had 100,000,000 pieces of paper to represent those shares? Would that fill your entire house 10 times over? That Saflink/IdentiPHI leadership got something for former Saflink shareholders is probably a great executive maneuver. I'll try to find out exactly what he got.