Free home security systems for pols and AIG derivitives unit employees?

Home security was all over the news today. There were a bunch of stories yesterday about the former Ohio AG, Marc Dann, using campaign funds to pay for his $27,000 home security system. Must be a nice system. The Ohio Elections Commission decided to fine Dann $1,000 and his treasurer $250 for signing off on the security system. The story does not say whether he'll refund the $27,000 to his campaign war chest, but the story's not over yet. He's facing a bunch of other charges of using campaign funds for family trips and other unauthorized uses. Guess who else is looking for home security? The New York Times this morning reported that the guys from AIG derivatives department are looking for more security, and some have received death threats. That same story says former Merrill Lynch employees are also looking for private security.
A.I.G. employees are not the only ones seeking protection: An executive at Merrill Lynch, where bonuses have also come under fire, said that some employees had asked whether the firm would cover the cost of private security for them. Scott Silvestri, a spokesman for Bank of America, which bought Merrill in December, would not respond to that claim, but said in a statement, “The safety and security of our associates is paramount, and we will always take the appropriate steps.”
I think these guys are absolutely entitled to be protected. I also think that anyone who keeps even part of those bailout bonuses should be required to volunteer in an unemployment office. Might help them understand the anger.