G4S eyes Brink's, Garda

Though it's a little more interesting to the folks on the armed-guard/cash-handling side of the business, take note of this Bloomberg article saying G4S considers Brink's and Garda World possible acquisitions. If nothing else, it shows G4S, the second biggest security company in the world, is thinking aggressively in the current down market, and it wouldn't be crazy for them to also think about aquiring a big integrator to supplement the newly expanded integration and security system services arm. If they're coming to the Americas, don't expect them to come tentatively. G4S has spent more than 530 million pounds ($788 million) this year on acquisitions, including the U.K.-based prisoner transport company Global Solutions Ltd. and war-zone security firm ArmorGroup International. Of course, in the same article, we find out: CEO Nick Buckles expects the firm to be "very quiet" in the first half of 2009.