Gallagher: 'We're a bit like a flea attacking an elephant'

While I was poking around for any sort of update on the GE Security potential sale, I came across an enthusiastic article from New Zealand's National Business Review, gushing over Gallagher's ad in the Wall Street Journal. National pride clearly runs hot for the kiwis, and the NBR is pretty impressed with Gallagher's gumption:
Hot on the heels of winning New Zealand Trade and Enterprise’s international business leader of the year award, Bill Gallagher could finally be breaking the back of the US security market. The Hamilton entrepreneur’s Gallagher Security Management Systems took on Uncle Sam last week, taking advantage of widely-reported rumours GE Security was selling its security division and placing an ad in the Wall Street Journal to woo the conglomerate’s customers – just in time for last week’s ASIS security trade show in Annaheim.
Um, "breaking the back of the US security market"? I'm thinking that's a bit much. And I love how they equate GE Security with "Uncle Sam." They can be forgiven, probably, for not being that hip to the security marketplace in general. I like this paragraph a lot:
But the company, which designs and manufactures Cardax electronic access control and intruder alarm systems and PowerFence perimeter security systems, was now happily taking on the likes of GE, Honeywell and Snyder.
How did Honeywell get involved? And did they mean this Snyder? A 400-person guard firm in Danvers, Massachusetts? Or maybe that's Schneider? Luckily, Gallagher, himself, is a little more contrite and humble. A little:
While it might have created more talk than anything else, it seemed that was enough to please Mr Gallagher. “We really got the controversy going,” he said. “We’re a bit like a flea attacking an elephant.”


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