Get happy with National Electrical Code app


Installers, picture this: You’re on the job and the fire marshal or building inspector says the system must do such and such because the National Electrical Code says so. You disagree. No one has a copy of the code on hand, but you have your trusty smartphone.

You whip it out and use the new smartphone app, NEC Changes, which highlights the changes between the 2008 NEC and the recently released 2011 NEC. You find the answer—and the argument ends.

That’s the sort of situation in which the NEC app, whose launching the National Fire Protection Association just announced today, could be very useful, according to Peter Ebersold, director of marketing, Notifier by Honeywell. The app contains more than 500 updates and modifications, all provided free of charge, according to the NFPA.

Ebersold said having the app on a smartphone on the job can save a trip to the office and changes in installation. Any problem, he said in an email communication, can be settled in “real time and the system is signed off sooner. Everyone is happy.”

Want to get happy? The NFPA says you can download the NEC Changes app free of charge, by visiting from your smartphone.