Get your 20-under-40 nominations in now (aka 20/40 FAQ)


Looking to nomination someone for our 20 Under 40 feature, which will run in our August issue? Well, click here.

Who are some of the past people we’ve profiled? Click here to find out.

Are we going to profile the same person again? No.

Are we likely to profile more and other people from the same company? Maybe. It depends on who it is.

Why are we doing this in the first place? Well, the general idea is to identify some new blood in the industry, people who haven’t been to all the association meetings and written up a hundred guest commentaries and made 50 acquisitions. But people who might have some cool ideas and might be the type of people you want to chat with at the next ISC West.

Does the person have to be “Management”? No. It could be anyone. There is no requirement for title, number of years in the biz, or responsibility. The person just has to be end-user facing, as we outline in the survey that I linked to above. The person needs to work at an installer, integrator, or third-party central station and provide security to the end user in some way shape or form.

So, can the person work at a manufacturer? No manufacturers allowed. We want to introduce our readers to their peers.

I’m out of ideas. Are you sure this can continue? We realize this is starting to get a little old. In the fourth year, in a relatively small industry, how many exception people under 40 are out there we didn’t get to in the first three years? Well, I expect there are a lot of them, but they just aren’t usual suspects. Get creative, send in your nominations ASAP, and we’ll see what happens. I think maybe we’ll do this one more year, have 100 in total, and then have a party and figure something else to do with our August issue. We’ll see. Thanks for your help with the nominations.