Giuliani's security ties become campaign fodder

Rudy Giuliani's security consulting firm has come under some questioning from the fourth estate recently. And he only fanned the flames by stepping down from heading the operation. It will be interesting to see how Rudy balances his strong security background with the fact that many Americans know very little about high-technology security and might not necessarily like the security industry's heavy investments in the Middle East and abilities with digital video. Check this bit from the Washington Post: But many of the firm's clients have never been listed on its Web site or identified publicly by associates, and two of the most controversial arrangements among them surfaced only in recent weeks. One involved a 2005 agreement to provide security advice to the government of Qatar. The second stemmed from a deal to assist a partnership proposing a Southeast Asian gambling venture. Among the partners were relatives of a Hong Kong billionaire who has ties to the government of North Korea's Kim Jong Il and has been linked to international organized crime, according to a Chicago Tribune report. Um, yeah, people (especially foreign governments) sometimes kind of like to keep their security plans secret. It's more than likely that Rudy has some other ties to foreign governments and giant corporations that might not necessarily be flattering for a presidential candidate.