Give an alarm system for Christmas

Okay, it's a couple days late for that, but when newspapers run their inevitable Christmas break-in stories, it's an opportunity for alarm companies to chime in about how alarm systems work best, how to price them, what to expect of your installation company, etc. If I owned an alarm company in Northwest North Carolina (that's the region the Winston-Salem Journal covers, according to the web site), I'd at least pen a letter to the editor noting that, hey, see how the guy with the alarm system didn't get robbed?, and offering the opinion that if more people got alarm systems BEFORE they got robbed, instead of directly afterward, they'd get more value out of them. Newspapers are desperate for letters to the editor, by the way. People never write them unless they were personally wronged by a story or they're a part of some coordinated campaign for a candidate or cause. It's just like how none of you ever posts a comment.