Go east, young man

The hardest-working man in security, John Honovich, reports from the SecuTech show, held in Taipei. (Although he's closer than most of us, being based in Hawaii.) Seven hundred booths, 20,000 people, maybe 350 video vendors - that's a substantial show by any measure. He also touches on one of the least-understood pieces of the industry: Who exactly makes what parts of which cameras, and how similar/unique are your average cameras and DVRs? Edit: As I think about it, John actually traveled West to get to the Far East, so my headline is more than a little East Coast-centric, but I'm going to leave it as is and wallow in my wrongness.


Thanks, Sam. It's kind of a local show for me :)

The topic of who makes what equipment is definitely interesting. Being at SecuTech definitely opened up a lot of information that is 'downplayed' in the West. For those interested in more information, I just wrote up a few thoughts on that: http://ipvideomarket.info/report/does_your_manufacturer_make_their_own_p...