A good sign from NICE

It's not exactly a sign that boom-times are back, but NICE Systems' financials came out today and they're not bad. I don't have a non-registration link to give you right now, but here are the pertinent details:
RA'ANANA, Israel, November 2/PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NICE Systems (NASDAQ: NICE), the global provider of advanced solutions that enable organizations to extract insight from interactions, transactions and surveillance to drive performance and prevent crime, today announced results for the third quarter of 2009. Third quarter 2009 non-GAAP revenues were $146.1 million, up 4.0% from $140.5 million in the second quarter 2009 and 10.4% down from $163.0 million in the third quarter of 2008. Non-GAAP revenues for the first three quarters of 2009 were $425.7 million, 8.4% down from the first three quarters of 2008.
NICE does a lot of call-center and 911 stuff, but they've integrated their company quite a bit and now consider their video surveillance business part and parcel with everything else. Video is everywhere and useful in all kinds of applications, after all. So, I can't break out where the slight growth is coming from, but any growth in the industry, instead of continued slippage, is a good sign by me. The first three quarters are still off from the first three quarters of 2008, but when you consider the abomination that was the first quarter, I'd say those numbers aren't bad. The positive signs continue.