Got something to say? SIA says 'Say it here.'

Following on the heels of CSAA's call for industry commentary on their pending standards, SIA has sent a call for commentary out to you, the security industry. SIA has released for public review a revised control panel standard that is intended to reduce false alarms. The standard under review, "ANSI/SIA CP-01-2007 Control Panel Standard - Features for False Alarm Reduction," details the recommended design features and settings for security system control panels and associated arming and disarming devices. SIA is asking members of the industry to chime in and comment before the revision is accepted by ANSI. The comment period ends Oct. 19. Some significant changes in the new version include the elimination of single button devices to initiate panic alarms, exceptions for the specified time ranges of the entry and dialer delay times, expanded range for swinger shutdown programming and more specific product documentation requirements. You can direct your comments to Joe Gittens, SIA's standards manager.