Great gift idea? Security for the holidays!

Came across this release on PRNewswire. Actually, my colleague Martha forwarded it on to me. Not sure if she's hinting that it might be something I should look into getting that special someone (of course I'm talking about you, Mom) in my life for the holidays or not. It's basically a PERS pendant from Alert Alarm designed to look like dressy piece of jewelry, which is pretty cool if you're concerned about people knowing you're wearing a personal emergency response system pendant... The device pictured in the release is dressed up with black crystal beads. I have calls out now to see if the dressy, crystal-beaded necklace can actually leave the house... I mean, it's nice to have a PERS pendant you could wear with an elegant black evening gown out to a dinner party or dinner and dancing... but what's the point if you can't wear it away from the solution's base unit? Unless, of course, you're throwing the dinner party at your house... In which case there would be plenty of guests around to call 911 or help you get up, should you fall... Sort of kills the need for the pendant--decorative or otherwise--in that case... In which case, why wouldn't you skip the incognito PERS pendant for the evening and just wear your best jewels... I think too much. Obviously, I'm not one who dresses up around my house... It's sweatpants, flip flops and a T-shirt for this guy when not at my SSN desk, so I don't really get the point of a decorative PERS pendant. But then, I'm not a woman.