The great ISC West schedule frustration (part x)

I know, I know. It gets old hearing people talk about how booked up they are for ISC West. Boo-hoo for you! You're so busy! So, while in the past I've taken PR types to task for their passive-aggressiveness - - brief segue for the best call of the year (featuring me, being a jerk, because I'm not a nice person): PR Guy, calling me on my cell phone this past Thursday: Hey, do you have time to speak with so and so at ISC West? It's going to be six flavors of awesome, I promise! Sam: Sorry, man, I'm totally booked for the show. PR Guy: Well, what about Thursday morning? Sam: Oh, shit, I totally forgot there was a Thursday morning! I'm totally free on Thursday morning! PR Guy: Really, that's great! Sam: No. Don't be a dick. Obviously I didn't forget there was a Thursday morning. PR Guy: So, you're not free then? - or whined poetically about the fact that I get so booked up for these shows that I don't actually do any real reporting, this time I'm just going to cut to the chase and show you what I've got on tap. As always, feel free to throw out a question you'd like the answer to as I go about my travels. Also, watch the Twitter feed for updates during the days of the show. I'll be posting pictures, general news bites, and maybe even a link to a Ustream video from time to time if you want to see what the show floor is like as I'm running around. It's a way to pass the time. Here goes: Tuesday: 1. Attending the Honeywell CSS meeting for the Honeywell commercial dealers. I went to this last year and got a ton out of it - Honeywell provides good insight into the product roadmap and provides some solid sales training. 2. I'm also taking Honeywell up on its tour of the Aria Casino's security operations at CityCenter. Mostly, I just want to see the new casino and hotel. I'm sure the security is sweet, though. 3. DMP reception. They've got some big announcement. I'm curious. 4. Gallagher cocktail party. I'm interested to see if they try to make another big splash here, as they did with the letter in the WSJ at ASIS. We could use some more pot-stirring in this industry. 5. SIA party. It would be impolitic of me not to go, right? Wednesday, when the real fun begins: 1. Axis breakfast. I hate going to breakfasts, but all the Axis execs will be in one place and I can ask them questions while I get a coffee and a danish (I think there's a Scandinavian joke in there somewhere...). But, seriously, I'm about to schlep around to booths all day, do I really have to work for my breakfast, too. Let's banish the breakfasts! 2. DSC. Meeting with them to talk Tri-Ed (their biggest distributor just got bigger) and UTC-GE. It's got to affect them a little, no? 3. DVTel. I'm meeting with CEO Eli Gorovici to talk about the recent ioimage buy, etc. 4. Pelco. Obviously I want to see the new "all HD" booth. I take it that it will be a bit of a smaller presence that we're used to, but the all-HDness will maybe compensate a little with some wow factor. It won't really be ISC West without seeing Joe Olmstead there, though. 5. SightLogix. It's been more than a year since I've spoken with them - want to check in. Outdoor surveillance, analytics, etc. 6. HID Lunch. I also hate lunches, mostly for the fact that I have weird food issues and there's never much for me to eat and then I'm starving for the whole afternoon. HID's lunch at ASIS was very good, though, and I like hearing Denis Hebert speak, and they usually deliver good integrators and end users to tell their stories. I'm not giving them the whole hour and a half, though. That's just too much time. 7. Panasonic. A one-on-one with Bill Taylor, the first time I've met with the head of Panasonic's security operations, who by this time must have cast aside his interim status (ah, JM, we hardly knew ye). 8. Security 101 (video). I've got their president, Rich Montalvo, coming to chat. Growing group of franchised integrators doing some interesting work in the south. 9. Dakota Security (video). CEO Eric Yunag is coming to talk shop. 10. Valley Ag Software (video). Somehow, these guys went from selling software to dairy farms to integrating IP video systems for just about everyone. Sean Woods, who runs their security operations, stops by. 11. Ingersoll Rand. I'm talking with Tim Eckersley, their security VP. Haven't met him before. 12. Bosch. I'm attending their dealer event to get a feel for the reception of new products, etc. 13. Stanley (video). Tony Byerly is stopping by to talk about his new promotion (he runs the Euro operations now, and did you know that Stanley bought ADT's French operations?). 14. Security Networks. I'm supposed to go to a party with Martha, I think. I'm also supposed to be writing stories about this time. We'll see what happens. 15. Panasonic. I'm doing dinner with Panasonic. It's at a steak house. I'm a vegetarian. Hilarity ensues! Thursday: 1. Security 5k. Wherein I get beat in the race and likely embarrass myself singing the National Anthem. Good times! Why did I make this happen again? 2. I'm hosting a panel in room 204 that's centered around making IP video more affordable, and features Lee Caswell from Pivot3, Jim Henry from Henry Bros., Mark Kolar from IPVision Software, and Doug Marman from VideoIQ. It's from 10:15 to 11:15. Be there or be square. 3. Samsung. I'm meeting with Frank Defina, former Panasonic bossman, about his new gig with Samsung, which is now a combined effort in the Americas. However, now that I know he's a huge vintage instrument guy, I'm probably going to squander the time talking mandolins (I'm hosting a mandolin festival on Saturday, actually, Frank, if you want to swing by Portland on your way home...), banjos, guitars, etc. 4. Alphacorp (video). Seth Ferrier swings by to talk video integration. 5. UTC (video). Mark Berry, who came over in the GE Security deal, talks about how this is the best thing since I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. 6. BCD Low Voltage Systems (video). CEO Mitch Bolnick comes in to talk shop. 7. Arecont. Apparently, they've got a big announcement. Again, I'm curious. Maybe I'll get to practice my Russian. 8. PSIA plug fest. This is the beginning of "standards afternoon," as I've taken to calling it in my head. Hopefully, it won't resemble Dog Day Afternoon. 9. HDCCTV Alliance. Honcho Todd Rockoff will tell me about the new members and why IP cameras make you go blind (I'm pretty sure). 10. ONVIF plug fest. This is the end of standards afternoon. By this point, I'll be fairly confident in the ability of one company to plug their camera into another company's VMS. I believe there's some sexual innuendo I could be throwing in there somewhere. Maybe if there were women in this industry, better sex jokes would come to mind. 11. Verint party. It's at Tao, so I might swing by so I'll feel all cool and important. Maybe Jennifer Aniston will be there. 12. 5k reception. I need to find out who won. I believe I'll be giving out the award for best male finisher over 50. That person will of course have beaten me by 10 minutes. I will pretend not to be 34 years old and out of shape. I have a sprained ankle. And only one valve in my heart, I swear. 13. Sam Vinicur and Eric Pritchard have some new venture they want to tell me about. I'm slightly frightened. 14. Honeywell. Dinner - except I chose the restaurant. Huzzah! 15. Tweet-up, at the TI bar, 9 p.m. If you've read this far I will definitely buy you a drink. Why I'm calling this a Tweet-up is unclear. Isn't that what young hipsters call all drinking in the same place at a set time? Friday: 1. Next Level (video). Pete and Jumbi are coming by to talk about their brand-new company. I like these guys and hope their products are as sweet and easy to use as they claim. 2. IMS Research (video). Alastair is coming by to talk about the trends IMS is seeing in the market. They're pretty clearly the most well respected researchers in commercial security right now, so I'm hoping we get some good stuff on camera. I promise not to put it behind the Premium wall. 3. Theia. I'm going to finally get a good presentation on lenses for megapixel cameras. I should know more about this than I do. 4. Brivo. It seems like this hosted access thing is taking off. Brivo has had something to do with that. Thus, I'm talking to them. 5. Scheduled time for actually walking around the show floor. I leave this for Friday (and it's only an hour) because the crowd has usually thinned and I can ask annoying questions of random booth people without feeling like I'm stealing time from actual customers. This may turn out to be the most valuable hour of the show. 6. Aimetis. Turns out CEO Marc Holtentoff is from Maine. And he escaped and just landed $5 million in venture capital. That's worth a meeting. 7. ComNet. I try to always book at least one meeting to talk about the guts of systems and data transmission. It's not sexy, but it strikes me as important. 8. AD Holdings. The very last meeting of the show floor, from 2:30-3. This is likely to be very productive. 9. Numerous Jamesons, while I await my red-eye home. There may also be some blackjack involved, depending on whether I've already squandered all my money or not. Likely, it will just be Jamesons. And that's it. Aren't you excited to see all the stories that come out of this? No? Mildly interested, anyway? Okay, good. See you in Vegas.


Live Tweet constantly, please. I will not be attending due to the horrible timing, but my comapny gave me Twitter access for the duration of the show.

What - no strippers or slot machines in your schedule? I thought I was the only person in the security industry who does not participate in that kind of stuff ;-)

In regards to Pelco's presence, I think it will still be pretty big.   It is my first time on booth duty for Pelco, but I was taken a bit back when I saw that our booth was 80' x 60'.   I'm thinking that's a pretty big presence.   

Come by and say hi, I'll be the young guy who looks completely out of place in the booth (software eng.).   


80 x 60 doesn't sound very big for Pelco, although it's bigger than the presence they had at ISC East (hobo with a cardboard box full of literature).

Of course, ISC East don't get no respect. No respect at all.

"why IP cameras make you go blind" - are you just learning about this latest medical threat? :-)

Sam - I will be there! Joe Olmstead