This is great press

I'd encourage every security company to offer up a story like this one to the local TV stations. Great publicity: Second edit: Weird. KFSY took down the link to the story. Well, anyway, there was a story here that said most alarm companies can respond to an alarm in 15 seconds or so. Very positive, info-mercial like story for the alarm biz, though Mike Jagger thinks it creates unrealistic expectations that will be harmful in the long run (see comments) EDIT: Jeepers, and while I'm at it, check out this story from a local Altoona paper. It could have been written by Merlin Gilbeau, himself. Apparently, alarm business is booming!


... so what happens after you get that call 5-15 seconds after the alarm is received at the central station (which is probably 30-45 seconds after the delay time at the keypad and another 30 seconds to actually send the signal)?

If the Police do not treat alarm calls as a priority, and there is no immediate private response to the alarm, what difference does it make how quickly the homeowner is advised that there is an alarm at the house if they're on vacation or more than a couple minutes away?

This is a great marketing piece done by the news station... too bad it's not based on reality.

The industry doesn't benefit from people being misled about what happens when an alarm trips... irrespective of who is doing the misleading.

That's a big "if" though, about the cops. In many places, especially smaller towns, the cops still show up pretty quickly.