Grillo lands a full-time gig

In our January issue, you'll find an article about former HID/Assa Abloy boss-man Joe Grillo joining XceedID's board of directors. In the piece, he talks about looking around for other opportunities "focusing on the RFID space outside the security-and-lock industry." Well, here it is. Grillo has been named CEO of the newly enlarged Digital Angel, which just merged with Applied Digital Solutions and does lots of stuff with RFID and GPS tracking, including implanting chips in your dogs and making sure they never get lost. Or, to quote: Digital Angel's products are utilized around the world in such applications as pet identification using its patented, FDA-approved implantable microchip; livestock identification and tracking using visual and RFID ear tags; and GPS search and rescue beacons for use on aircraft, ships and boats, and by adventure enthusiasts. That doesn't sound like Grillo will be working much with the security installation channel, but maybe he'll bring more of the products into our arena. It's worth watching.