This has the makings of a cage match

So, on Friday afternoon (surprisingly, a big time for news in security) I got the press release regarding the dates and location for PSA-TEC 2010. Mostly, though, I focused on the location, since the former location, the Pheasant Run, where I've had the pleasure of attending PSA-TEC the last three years, is, let's say, less than modern (actually, on the web site, they make it look pretty good - I guess it's not terrible or anything, just really brown). Also, it's like an hour from O'Hare and you have to rent a car to get there, etc. So, boy was I pleased to see this news:
PSA Security Network announced today that PSA-TEC 2010 will be held at The Rosemont Convention Center in Rosemont, IL on June 14 – 18, 2010. The Rosemont Convention Center is conveniently located just five minutes from Chicago’s O'Hare Airport and will provide updated facilities in a single building to host education, networking, and trade show events, as well as provide available space for PSA-TEC to grow.
I mean, really: Huzzah! Seriously, check it out. But then my attention was drawn more closely to those dates. Haven't I seen those dates before? Well, yes I have: They are the dates of ESX 2010, in the lovely city of Pittsburgh! (And I don't use exclamation points loosely.) It seems like that would create a little competition, no? The attendees might be somewhat disparate, as ESX tends to attract those companies with central stations and more residentially focused firms, while PSA members tend to be commercially focused systems integrators, but what about the vendors who support both of those conferences? Where is Pelco going to send its RV? Will companies be able to exhibit in both places? Will vendors be able to offer training in both places? Will industry publications like ours be able to cover both events? It's a conundrum in these offices, for sure. Those are two of our favorite events of the year, with both offering huge swaths of content for our readers. So, where will people go? I'm hoping it's settled via cage match, much like this classic from 1983 where Jimmy "Supafly" Snuka lost to the unheralded Bob Backlund when he attempted a jump from the top of the cage in Madison Square Garden. Watch the below, and imagine the two combatants are Bill Bozeman and Mike Miller. Who would you put your money on?


Pelco's going to ESX 2010? That's quite a coup! They weren't at the last one, after all.

Hmmm, that was possibly a bad example I offered up there. I will now go and cross-reference the exhibitor lists from both events and be back shortly with an update...

I'm so sorry about having created more work for you. Next time I'll keep my smart mouth to myself.

My money is on Miller. For several obvious reasons.

Bozeman played football at LSU, though. He might bulk up for the match.