Have some fun in 2009

So I'm changing things up this year. Normally I'm either in New York or on my way there about now...getting ready to celebrate the New Year with a group of college friends (which now includes spouses and kids) whom I've been celebrating with for, oh, well, since "The Big Chill" was a new movie. It's a tradition to eat a fantastic home-cooked meal, have a dance party with the kids, watch the ball drop and then stay up even later. This year, work schedules and one family's relo to the West Coast have changed our plans. So I'm working on an IP White Paper story, and I can attest that Gene Pecora of Honeywell Power Products, Morris Stoops of GE Security, Lee Richardson of NFPA and Todd Shearer of SimplexGrinnell are not slacking off on New Year's Eve Day. They're taking my calls and looks like I'll even meet my Jan. 5 deadline, in spite of the fact that everyone else in the industry is not working. And speaking of not working ... our New Year's Day tradition is to greet the day with Bloody Mary's and this song. Hope you all have some fun in 2009 too.