If you haven't checked out the discussion on John Honovich's post about a new HDCCTV Alliance, you need to. Great stuff there. I remain skeptical about the HDCCTV Alliance's very existence, considering the amateur quality of the Web site, but I've got an email into them and I'll let you know what I find out.


The HDcctv Alliance was officially unveiled on June 16, 2009. We appreciate that until that time our "stealth" presence was particularly successful. Since then we have been working with the tremendous groundswell of support for HDcctv; particularly amongst varied equipment manufacturers in Asia, many of whom have had internal Serial Digital Interface (SDI) projects started as early as 2007 which are being adapted quickly to comply with the first release of the HDcctv Specification.

If you want to see how real we are visit our interoperability booth at ASIS 2009 in Anaheim, Hall D Booth 672

Well, you're commenting on a post from two months ago - we've written a lot about you since then. Search HDCCTV in the upper right hand search box to find all the stories.

I know longer doubt your reality.