Help for small Canadians


Or, maybe, small Canadian businesses would be more accurate. Joe Cosentino and a group of four small independent distributors have founded the Canadian Association of Independent Security Distributors, which will operate something like a co-op, offering members collective buying power. I'll have an interview with Cosentino in our November issue, but he basically just says this is a way of leveling the playing field for independent distributors who are competing with the likes of ADT and Tri-Ed, who obviously have a little bit of buying power of their own. The CAISD is hoping for a total of about 40 paying members, but there will also be an opportunity for dealers to join as free memebers, and receive discounts on products and even services in the way that monitoring centers can often offer deals on telecom services and the like. It's based in Toronto, but there's nothing in the group's by-laws that says you have to be a Maple Leafs fan.