High technology solution to "key bumping"

In one of the more interestingly punctuated press releases I've been sent in a while, I was alerted to the Super Grip Lock, pitched as a solution to the key bumping problem (you know, where people can get past a deadbolt in about five seconds). In case you don't know about key bumping, here's a wacky Japanese video that gives you the idea (I'm sure there are English ones, too, but this one is fun): So, how do you stop criminals when they can just bump your deadbolt? Make sure the deadbolt handle can't turn! I'm thinking even I could install this thing: Of course, the question remains of what good this would actually do. Do robbers really very often target homes where people are there? Aren't they looking for unoccupied homes? I'm not completely sure why you'd want to more strenuously lock yourself in your home unless you had lots of enemies or something, and if they really want to get in because you haven't paid the vig on the $50,000 you borrowed to bet on the Red Sox last night, they'll just kick your door down or something. Maybe people do live in fear of burglars key bumping their homes while they're there and coming in an doing bodily harm to them. Maybe that's why I live in Maine. For those of you with time to kill, here's an instructive video about how to make one of these bump keys (go to YouTube to watch this if you enjoy expletive-filled comments (and who doesn't?)):