Holiday fun

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas yesterday. My kids certainly enjoyed themselves, and I managed not to get too bitter and guilt-ridden by the ridiculous waste and opulence that is the American Christmas season. Sorry, but growing up in suburbia can make you all self-loathing and stuff - try to ignore it.
Anyhoo, since I'm the only one in the office today, I'm collecting some fun items mildly security related. If you find yourself with similar amounts of time on your hands, you may enjoy them. Guiltly pleasures are still pleasures, no? • Like, what could be more fun than hip-hoppers getting nailed at airport security checkpoints? They're always good for a paragraph like this: Police said they found a semiautomatic handgun and ammunition in Robinson's carry-on bag. He told them he didn't know the weapon was there, Stacho said. Hey Yung Joc, maybe you should pack your own carry-on bag. Otherwise, you might find some grenades or plastic explosive in there next time. You never know when those sneaky weapons are going to weasel their way into to your luggage. Really, someone should come up with a weapon-repellant you can spray on your luggage or something. Bonus points if any of my readers actually knew who Yung Joc was. Extra bonus points if you own one of his albums. • Here's a holiday bonus for school children: "We're going to make you less safe!" Merry Christmas! I went to school in Vermont, so I'd kind of like it if they didn't do dumb stuff like this. It makes my resume look worse. • The shoplifting angle is very important to this story. • Wired may make fun of it, but a biometric garage door opener is probably good for the security industry. • Glad I don't live in Vietnam. Writing about security is probably subversive. • Seems like this law should be universally applied, country-wide. I'm tired of this copper theft business. Still, it remains a good sales tool for integrators looking to secure job sites and municipal areas in general. For example, if the city of Portland had had decent municipal surveillance, maybe we'd still have the lights on. Seriously, read that Portland story. How on God's green earth does 21,000 feet of copper wiring get stolen without anyone noticing? It's insane. Security starts with people not being mindless unobservant automatons. Now I'm in a bitter mood again, thinking about my fellow Mainers being such dupes. I better get back to work. This blog entry isn't turning out as fun as I thought it would.