Home security camera helps solve Christmas crime


Saw this little post-Christmas heart warmer of a story that highlights how a home security camera likely aided in the return of a stolen dog to its family, and thought I’d share.

The Las Cruces Sun-News, a New Mexico newspaper, reported that a 2-year-old German Shepherd was stolen from the fenced yard of Alex Estrada’s family home right before Christmas. Estrada had given “Bruno” to his father as a gift in 2009 and the dog had become a family favorite, particularly with Estrada’s son, who was heartbroken at the loss, the paper said.

Fortunately, though, the family’s video surveillance camera had captured footage of the theft, the paper reported. The camera showed the man who took the dog was driving a two-toned black-and-silver pickup, according to the paper.

Estrada reported the theft to police and also to the Sun-News, which published a report on Christmas Day saying the dog’s theft was caught on camera.

The day after Christmas, Estrada got a phone call from a couple in another community who found the dog wandering loose. The paper said Estrada “believes the thief likely dumped Bruno when he realized the theft had been captured on video.”