This press release came in today (sorry no link):
VSI Viscount Selected for Obama Hookerbucks Program. VSI Viscount is pleased to announce the company has been selected by the US Government as the official co-sponsor of the launch of the Obama Hookerbucks program. Attendees to the upcoming ISC WEST Security Conference will receive complementary Hookerbucks at the VSI booth. As part of the US Government's $3 Trillion budget, the $30 Billion Obama Hookerbucks program is expected to be the key to stimulating the Las Vegas economy. Stephen Pineau, CEO of Viscount, commented, "The public is being screwed by the whole mess anyways so at least this way attendees will have something to show for it."
I did not make that up. I swear. Unless someone has hijacked Pineau's email address, I can confirm it came directly from him. Hookerbucks. Get 'em while they're hot. This is the same guy, remember, who held a wake for the access control panel in 2007, famously parading through the ISC West show floor with a coffin and, if I remember correctly, bagpipes. So he's got a flair for the dramatic.