Hopefully, no one listens to this guy

The recession is bringing out more and more of these so-called business experts teaching people how to make money. This guy advocates promoting your door-to-door security business with a checkered dog: I find him strangely entertaining. But also a moron.


Not only does this guy have some revolutionary ideas about security (I'm both painting checkers on everything I own while checking eBay for product as I type), he is a wealth of amazing ideas for every other industry as well (check out his YouTube channel)

My only hope is that he doesn't ever choose to focus all of his efforts exclusively on security... the rest of us would have to find a new line of work. I'm pretty sure that this guy would clean up.

Fewer people would listen to him if you hadn't posted it. Why did you?

i'm dying 100s of plush giraffes purple for my site, not sure what i'm suppose to do with them or how they will help me design surveillance systems for my clients... i better check workone.com for more genius stuffed animal ideas ;)

Well, it's not like the general public hangs out at security systems news. I think most of my readers will see him for the comedic genius that he is, rather than taking his ideas and turning them into small businesses.