How are your project management skills?

In a scramble now getting ready to head back to Maine. I have reams of notes from the AMAG Technology event, had a chance to talk to a bunch of partners, as well as AMAG execs, including Matt Barnette and Bob Sawyer. I've got details about AMAG's plans for the next year (things are looking good, revenue and growth are steady--isn't that nice to hear for a change?). I heard lots of good news from the consultants here as well. Some have the biggest backlog of jobs they've ever had. I also got an earfull about how consultants work with you all. A common complaint from consultants about some of you is that you need to work on your project management skills. What do you have to say to that? I'll do some blogging while I'm waiting for planes in the long day ahead. It's 75, the sun's coming up over mountains, there are rabbits all over the lawn (I'm not kidding) the desert landscape is spectacular (Frank Lloyd Wright thought all the cacti and desert scrub it looked like the bottom of the ocean, and imagined his winter home as a ship sailing through that ocean.) So, it's beautiful here and I look forward to returning, but I can't wait to get back to my frozen home in Maine.