How to hire good alarm company employees

John Strade, ADT director of training, is talking about "continuous recruiting"--recruiting people from malls, restaurants, department stores... "everywhere ... there are a lot of ambitious, qualified people with degrees working in restaurants because they can't find another job." How do you know if they're a potential employee? "You start by looking at appearance. Is this a person who would be a good representative of my company? They've got to meet your profile." Second, "How do they handle customers?" Do they have spark? Look at the appearance, body language, see if they have outgoing personality" Alarm company owners should recruit all the time, Strade said: "You're out all day anyway, Keep your eye out." Here's Strade and Pete PakBaz, ADT sales and training manager, who works with Strade (whom Strade recruited away from another employer), are doing a role-playing exercise, where Strade, a restaurant customer, is recriuting PakBaz, who's a server in a restaurant. They talk about how to recruit without scaring the recuitee away. "You don't want to come on like Amway." 1 Strade advises getting your team leaders and other reps to do the same thing. Where do you find not only sales people, but administrative staff? "We find em in Jiffy Lubes, Starbucks, department stores." And here's something I like to hear. "There's no correlation between age, gender and success in sales," Strade said. The current top two ADT sales people are a "a 4-foot 2-inch Vietnamese woman, and 300-pound African American man from Texas," according to David. The first is in her mid 30s, the second is over 60. "He'll run rings around the 22-year-olds," Strade said. "We tend to hire in our own image. Don't get in that mold. You'll miss opportunities."