I can't be the only one making this mistake

So, I have continuing interest in this USProtect story. You know, the one where a couple ex-cons landed $150 million or so in government contracts thanks to a little bribery? Well, Richard Hudec, who "served as chairman and chief financial officer for Silver Spring-based USProtect Inc.," "yesterday pleaded guilty to charges of lying about his criminal background to win contracts with the FBI, Social Security Administration and Air Force." Which is all well and good, but then I got to thinking, hey, don't I know a Richard Hudec? Turns out I was thinking of Richard Hudak, whom I'd just seen speak at Securing New Ground. Oops. If I was Richard Hudak, war hero and respected security director and consultant, I'd be none too pleased that there was a lying fraudster with ties to the physical security industry in the news with the name of Richard Hudec. So this is me doing a civil service and letting everyone know that Richard Hudec is not Richard Hudak. Totally different guy. But you know that. If anyone hears of a journalist who sells his sources down the river named Sam Fifel, make sure you let me know.