I should have known the email was from Wayne's World

If you're one of those poor souls who thinks that security can be boring, get yourself on Wayne Wahrsager's mailing list. There's nothing like an email blast from Wayne on a Tuesday morning to wake you up. In case you don't know Wayne, his family has been in security for like 100 years. They are the family behind New York Merchants Protective Company, NationWide Digital Monitoring, and, most recently, started the Smith & Wesson Security Services dealer program. In addition to admiring his work ethic and his discipline in sticking to the message, I get such a kick out of Wayne's marketing madness. He's always looking for an opportunity. Witness today's email blast from "Alarm Industry News" with the subject line: "A sad day for GE security dealers." I should have known it was Wayne. His message inside, surrounded in stars and stripes trumpets: Brink's is now Broadview GE is now UTC What's next? Time to become a Smith & Wesson Security Services Dealer. Join a program that has staying power! Click here to see the blast.