IBM gets a feather for its cap

Normally I don't pay much attention to the industry awards given out by Frost & Sullivan. Frankly, there are too many to keep track of and if I covered them all, I wouldn't have much room for anything else. However, I must admit I'm struck by the announcement today that IBM has been named the 2008 North American Video Surveillance Software Company of the Year. Not that IBM isn't a great company capable of executing some great software for the physical security market. It's just that I've really heard almost nothing about them since they announced last year their entry into the physical market (for the second time), and all their acquisitions and noise lately has been focused on the IT security market. (Note in that link the reference to IBM's plans to spend $1.5 billion on IT security this year.) Here's some explanation: Frost & Sullivan identified the recipient of this award based on the following criteria: revenue and market-share growth; proof of success executing a restructuring strategy; new market penetration; marketing, promotion, and visibility of the company through various media; evidence of success through strategy innovation; technological innovation and leadership; increased name recognition; and improvement in customer satisfaction and loyalty levels. So, I wouldn't have thought they'd created much revenue or market share yet. I guess they restructured and entered a new market, but I haven't been impressed by their visibility in the market (they were on the "other" ISC West floor) and I'm not sure how you could increase IBM's name recognition. Plus, I haven't heard a single integrator I've talked with mention them. I guess I'm talking to the wrong people? Or Frost & Sullivan are just impressed by the three-letter reputation? If you're using IBM software and are impressed, let me know.